Friday, August 12, 2011

My three entries to a cover contest

I've just entered in a cover-creating contest on a Hungarian blog with these covers. The author, Hédi is publishing her first book soon and is doing this competition to get a cover for it. Fénylő Lelkek (Shining Souls) may be out with the winner cover and the winner will get a signed copy of it :] I know, I know, these three covers are totally - I mean, TOTALLY - different, but I haven't got a chance to read the whole story yet, so I wanted to make sure one of the covers will fit to the plot :)

But what I've read, I loved it. I can imagine how exciting she was about her first book :] I just wanted to share you my covers and I hope you'll like them!


B. P. Haidey said...

Ohh, I visited your blog, and what can I see. :D
I love your covers, all three. Maybe, the third one doesn't fit the story, because I don't want to make readers to think it's a sad story (na ezt most nagyon megkutyultam, de nem tudok olyan jól angolul :)).
You did a really good job. I can see now, my readers like the first one, my favourite is the one, with the eye.
You've got a great blog. I will visit it regularly. :D

Vojalyn said...

Wow, thank you so much, Cherie! I'm so glad you and the others like the covers. And about the third one: the diary-writing inspired me and I know it's a little bit sad, but... I don't know xD And my number one fave is the light one, but the cover with the eye is more designed, I think :] So I'm really - I mean, REALLY - glad, you like them :]And I'm looking forward to reading your story once I got enough time for it :]

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