Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mini challenge: Lucky number 7

Lucky number 7 is a mini challenge organised on The Elliott Review (part of the Princess Bookie's Contest Craze). It's worth taking part in it, because you can win $10 in books on The Book Depository! :) Here are the rules:
  • Open a book you are currently reading.
  • Turn to page 7.
  • Count to the 7th word.
  • If the word is an article (a, an, the, etc), go to the next real word.
  • Type the word into a Google Images search, and select a picture that you can stand.
  • Create a blog post with the following information: picture of book, book title and author, 7th word on 7th page, randomly selected picture
  • Link to this post and Princess Bookie's Contest Craze.
  • Add a link to your post in the linky form at the bottom of post to enter into to win.

My entry: I'm currently reading Etched in Bone by Adrian Phoenix (it's awsome, by the way :P), and the 7th word on the 7th page is: QUIET.


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